Happy Fran at Kaïku

Finally, dinner at Le Kaiku. I have tried a couple of times to get a reservation at this restaurant so I was pleased to get a table the same day I rang. I wasn’t sure where Le Kaiku was so I put the address into Google Map which was really kind of silly because I found out in under three minutes, that’s how long it took me to walk from the flat, it’s just around the corner from me. When I arrived at the restaurant I was so excited to discover that it’s in the very building I’ve been admiring for ages.

As I was noticing the low height of the door into Le Kaiku (something very rare for someone as short as me) and attempting to gracefully step down into the dining room, the soothing shades of grey, the lines of the beams above, the strength of the thick stone walls and the warmth of the room – for me there was so much to take in that I’m not even sure how I made it to the table and sat down.  Once seated my eye took me straight to the immaculate open kitchen where cool  and well coiffed young men dressed in black chef’s uniforms were working steadily.  I thought, there’s been a calculated level of restrain put into this place and I’m not talking bullshit decorators talk here, for me this was very clear. I loved the way they “held-back” in decorating this restaurant, details were well thought through – from the linens on the table, the glass Christmas figurines scattered throughout and the lack of any clutter normal to most busy restaurants. I was so enthralled by the warmth and beauty of this space that I could barely focus on the menu.

Often, when I go to restaurants of this calibre I typically order the tasting menu because honestly, I just can’t decide and the responsibility and commitment is just too much for me. Tonight, due to days of never-ending Christmas feasting, I thought wise just to order à la carte instead of endless amounts of beautifully placed tasters recommended by the Chef.

Enough of the working up to the eating part. It’s clear, the restaurant is absolutely beautiful and if I could have moved in I would have.  To add, I’m certain the quiet elegance of this restaurant was decisive in order to allow the food to be the color and punctuation.

I won’t and I cannot properly reiterate to you without pages and pages of text to best describe the food but, from the amuse-bouche assortment, the recommended wines and of course, the finale, dessert. It was all, without a doubt in my mind, from beginning to end, the best meal I have ever had and in the most idyllic setting. This is huge for me. I’ve been really lucky and in my travels over the years,  I’ve had many phenomenal fancy to not-so-fancy food experiences  but, the fact is, my entire Le Kaiku night was perfect.

The service was fantastic and with limited english the folks tried so hard to communicate with me and for that I am always grateful. I was able to decipher that Le Kaiku is in the only building that did not go up in flames during the French / Spanish war, it has been standing since 1530 and was once a jail.

It needs to be said. Food, from the roots up-to the preparation of a home cooked meal or a michelin star chef cooking in the restaurant kitchen. When it’s done right and when conditions are ideal, there’s something that transmits from the earth to the one preparing the food to those who consume it and in my house, we call it love. When someone cares and gives a damn magic happens and this is what I experienced at Le Kaiku.


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    Fanny Kim Sayé

    December 25, 2015

    Very Nice, Awesome — Always wanted to go to Saint-Jean de Luz and the Basque region — Thanks for sharing